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West Side Story on Broadway

West Side Story on Broadway

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  • West Side Story on Broadway is performed at the Palace Theatre in NYC.
  • In 1958, when it debuted, West Side Story NYC received two Tony Awards.
  • This production of West Side Story on Broadway is directed by Arthur Laurents.

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Show Dates:
Oct. 2010 - Jan. 2011

The Palace Theatre
1564 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
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West Side Story on Broadway

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Catchy Songs and Stunning Choreography in West Side Story on Broadway

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Features: A modern interpretation of William Shakespeare's classic tragedy Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story on Broadway tells the story of Tony and Maria, teenage lovers who attempt to escape the violence of two rival New York gangs. This classic production, written and directed by Arthur Laurents, features memorable music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and stunning, highly innovative choreography by the legendary Jerome Robbins.

Why We Go: One of the most loved and acclaimed Broadway musicals of all time, West Side Story on Broadway is as mesmerizing now as it was in 1957, when it debuted. This production is directed by Arthur Laurents and stars Matthew Hydzik and Sarah Amengual.

  • Story: Like the Shakespearean tragedy upon which it is based, West Side Story New York stirs profound compassion and pity through the careful manipulation of plot and character. Arthur Laurent's book remains as heartwrenching as ever.
  • Choreography: When first offered the job as choreographer for West Side Story NYC, Jerome Robbins refused, as he felt that the project was unfeasible. But when he was promised eight weeks of rehearsal instead of the customary four, he signed on, and what we have now is some of the finest and most visually striking dancing ever seen on a Broadway stage.
  • Music: As famous for its music as for its dancing, West Side Story on Broadway features classic Bernstein/Sondheim songs such as "Maria," "Somewhere," and "I Feel Pretty." To attest to the popularity of these songs, the original cast recording was certified "Gold" by the RIAA on January 12, 1962.

Inside Knowledge: The 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story NYC won ten of the eleven Academy Awards it was nominated for, making it the single most celebrated musical film by Academy standards.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Dress Comfortably: No dress code is imposed by the Palace Theatre, but you may find that people dress up anyway. We recommend dressing comfortably but sensibly, in what might be called "office attire."
  • Do Bring Tissues: Those prone to tears will want to bring an ample supply of tissues, because West Side Story on Broadway is nothing if not tragic.
  • Don't Bring the Kids: While children four and up are welcomed in the theater, West Side Story NYC, with its violent and sexual overtones, may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13. This is a show best enjoyed by adults.
  • Don't Miss the Lottery: Two and a half hours prior to most performances of West Side Story NYC, you'll have the chance to enter a lottery for up to two $26.50 front-row tickets. Names will be drawn at random two hours prior to curtain time. Note that winners must be present at the time of the drawing and show valid photo ID to purchase tickets.

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