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New York City is turning green! St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and the options for Irish-themed fun are endless. Whether you’re from the Emerald Isle or not, you are bound to find something fun to do in New York City - be it drinking green beer at an Irish pub, visiting a historic church, or watching bagpipers in a parade. Want to know more about these ideas? Here are some of our favorite places to spend St. Patrick’s Day in NYC:

Eat and Drink Like the Irish!

St. Patrick’s Day starts early for The Parlour in the Upper West Side, as their celebration begins FRr, March 17 with different specials every day leading up to the big day, including live music, authentic Irish food (corned beef sandwiches!), games, and a karaoke night. Hit up The Parlour on St. Patrick’s Day for an early Irish breakfast before you march through the parade, then head back to enjoy all of the Guinness your little heart desires! The great thing about The Parlour is that it’s got something for everyone, which makes it one of our favorites. Whether you like to sit down and relax with a beer and enjoy a burger upstairs, or play beer pong in a college frat party environment downstairs, you’re bound to have a great time here. For more info check out

St. Patrick's Day Parade

New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade - Big fun for everyone starting at 11am at 44th Street and ending about 5pm at 86th Street.  No public drinking is allowed but a few folks have been known to hit the pubs before, during and after.  Don't forget that this parade is FREE. 

Hit all the parties - The entire weekend is a party for those that want it... Here are a few of the big time parties and pub & club crawls:

Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Discover a different side (other than the mindless consumption of green alcohol) of St. Patrick’s Day by learning more about Ireland’s patron saint and visiting a piece of history. Visit one of New York City’s most famous structures, the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, located right across the street from Rockefeller Center. Built in 1878, this cathedral’s awe inspiring architecture is a must see for your St. Patrick’s Day! Make sure to visit and marvel at the stained glass windows and Gothic architecture; you won’t be disappointed.


You’ll be surrounded by food and beverages that have been food colored green, but if you want to try something a bit more authentic, try hitting up Black Hound Bakery. Their Irish Whiskey Cakes which are absolutely to-die-for! The chocolate butter cake treat is complemented by rich Irish Whiskey buttercream and ground hazelnut, and Irish legend says that once you have a bite, you’ll instantly become addicted (not really but they’re pretty darn delicious). Topped with a green shamrock, it’s the perfect sweet treat for this Irish holiday.

Empire State of Mind

The Empire State Building is known to change their floodlights in correspondence to the time of year and holiday, so make sure to check out the skyscraper in all of its green, Irish glory as it lights up for St. Patrick’s Day! View the iconic structure from the street, or buy a ticket and zip up to the 86th floor observatory for an extraordinary view of the city. If you’re not afraid of heights, pay an extra fee and visit the 102nd floor (that’s almost a quarter mile into the sky!), and take in the highest view of the city.

Whether you’re enjoying a corned beef sandwich and green beer in an Irish pub, or on top of the world at the Empire State Building, you’re going to have an amazing Saint Patrick’s Day in New York City. Be safe!