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It's that time of year again! We're getting ready to see the city of New York lit up in all its glory, snow on the ground, and Santa's on almost every corner. You and I both know not every Santa you walk by is the real deal, and not every one will take all the requests on your kids Christmas list and snap a photo.

NYC Tourist can help you find all the best places to find a Santa Clause to lend an ear to the little ones this Christmas season! Get a picture taken with Little Saint Nick. It's one of the best Christmas in New York souvenirs you could possibly take home with you!

 NYC Tourist can help you keep up with all things Christmas in New York City!

Santa at Macy's New York

Of course! If you're nearby, or even if you're not, this is the real deal when it comes to holiday tradition! There's usually a long line waiting to get in and sit on Santa's lap, take a picture and have a little chat, but waiting around in Santaland at Macy's is pretty magical, especially for first timers. Some tips for seeing Santa at Macys:

  • It's free to see Santa here. He'll be here from the day after Thanksgiving (yes, Black Friday...) until Christmas Eve.
  • The lines get really long while you're waiting to see Santa. Your best bet is going right when the store opens and during the week. The earlier in the season you go, the shorter the lines are too, and more likely that Santa will have plenty of time to get everything on your Christmas list. Right? Don't be surprised if an elf lets you know that you'll be in line for over an hour.
  • Getting your picture (or your kids picture) taken with Santa costs. Most packages are in the high $20s, but why would you wait in a line this long and not have any real proof to show for it?
  • Most days, Santa will be on duty in Macy's from 9am(8am on the weekends)-9pm, starting at 7am on November 25th and from 7am-4:30pm on Christmas Eve.

Santa at Bloomingdale's

Head up to the 8th floor for shorter lines and a little less of a production. You'll still get the chance to sit on Santa's lap, snap a memorable photo and shop at a Christmas-lit department store. The lines here are much shorter than at Macy's, and you can generally get in and out in less than half an hour on normal days (which around Christmas time is far from normal according to most people's definition of the word.) One great thing about seeing Santa at Bloomingdales? They'll go home with a little trinket. Just something small, but every kid loves getting a gift form an elf!

Santa at ABC Carpet and Home

Every weekend from the last weekend in November through the Sunday before Christmas you can pop in to see Santa when you're cruising around Union Square. Saturdays from 10am-3pm and Sundays from 11am-3pm Santa will be here and if you decide to visit, you'll go home with your own piece of homemade candy and a picture you get to take for (and don't have to pay for).

Breakfast with Santa at the Rock

If you're kids have been extra good this year, treat them to more than just 2 minutes on sit on Santa's lap this year! Enjoy a full breakfast with Santa and the elves at the Rock Center Cafe, followed by ice skating at the Rockefeller Ice Rink and a few gifts to take hom. Reservations are required, so don't just show up on a whim, and tickets are generally $40/child and $45/adults.

Ripley's Believe It or Not

For a different take on visiting Santa! Let Santa sit on your lap this time in the Reverse Santa Family Photo. Then explore the rest of the museum. When you book your tickets online, you can get 20% off admission prices.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Another department store Santa that will pose for pictures and lend an ear to the little ones. It's another one of those bring your own camera situations, but one of the much less hectic and crowded of Santa's stations.

CircleLine Santa Cruise

The Cirle Line Santa Cruise runs on December 22 this year. Take a sightseeing cruise around the Statue of Liberty, enjoy some milk and cookies and sing along with the other Christmas-lovin' cruisers.

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