The NYC Quiz

Where the Heck Is it?
Can you identify these NYC locations?
Quiz Photo 2
1. They say to get to Carnegie Hall, all you need is practice, but you really just have to go to...
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
Sixth Avenue and 23rd Street
Seventh Avenue and 57th Street
Eighth Avenue and 59th Street
Ninth Avenue and 34th Street
Quiz Photo 7
2. If it has to do with eating, it has to be at Zabar's. It attracts people from around the world to...
the Upper East Side
the Upper West Side
Quiz Photo 1
3. A 4-story golf driving range on the Hudson River? It's just part of a mega sports complex called the...
Downtown Docks
Chelsea Piers
Hudson Sports Center
New York Athletic Club
Clinton Clubhouse
Photo 5
4. This geosphere at Trump Int'l Hotel would have been helpful to this famous explorer and neighbor...
Christopher Columbus
Samuel de Champlain
Giovanni da Verrazano
Ferdinand Magellan
Vasco de Gama

5. What's the name of the white building?
Seagram Building
Citicorp Center
Met Life Building
Trump Tower
Olympic Tower
Photo 7
6. George Washington's inauguration was here at Federal Hall. What building is he facing across the street?
City Hall
NY Stock Exchange
Trinity Church
World Trade Center
Woolworth Building
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