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Everyone loves sightseeing in New York City, but if you enjoy sightseeing with a little more adrenaline, you're definitely going to want to hop on a jet ski with Rockaway Jet Ski at Thai Rock and enjoy the afternoon of a lifetime!

Exploring the Big Apple via jet ski is one of the most unique and memorable ways to see the city. Traverse the Hudson waterways from the comfort of a jet ski, as you wave skip with your family and friends and spot all of the top NYC attractions. Mix it up and inject some energy into the typical NYC tour on a jet ski tour, which manages to combine sightseeing with an exhilarating water sport. Most of these jet ski tours involve circling around such landmarks as the majestic Statue of Liberty, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, Battery Park, Ellis Island and more! On some jet ski tours, visitors can ride right up to the subways, and passengers will wave at them! On a more typical New York City tour such as a walking tour or bike tour, visitors may be able to fit a number of sightseeing highlights into a few hours, but don’t have the opportunity to get as up close to these world-famous monuments as the location and speed of the water jet ski allows.

Be sure to bring a waterproof camera with you, as visitors will definitely want to commemorate this one of a kind adventure with some stellar photos showing off how close you were to such famous sights. Zip to and from these attractions at top speeds, or move along at a more leisurely pace, depending on your comfort level. The experienced guides will know the best and most efficient routes to travel to the exciting landmarks, and can also share informative tidbits about Big Apple history and lore behind each location that adds to the whole experience. Spring and Summer in New York City can be very warm, so in addition to seeing in person and learning about the top NYC sights, a jet ski tour is also a great way to cool off when the hot temperatures and stifling humidity become unbearable. Even though you might not get soaked, the breeze that accompanies shooting across the water on a jet ski and the splashes that correspond with wave skipping will certainly feel refreshing on a hot day.

Another plus is that driving a jet ski in New York City doesn't require any extensive prior knowledge on how to operate the machinery. Beginners are welcome and need not be apprehensive about hopping aboard a jet ski for the first time, as they will be accompanied by knowledgeable guides who are comfortable with the area and skilled in instructive techniques. Don’t let fears of trying something new prevent you from partaking in this memorable experience that provides a new perspective on the Big Apple, in a way that is rarely seen by tourists or locals.

Rockaway Jet Ski at Thai Rock is the go-to destination for all things jet ski in the New York City area. Conveniently located in Rockaway Beach, Queens, they offer tours that will appeal to any prospective rider - whether they are wanting to take the jet ski out for an hour, or even go on a tour that spans a series of days. They offer tours in several areas, like Jamaica Bay, Sandy Hook, the NYC Harbor, or riders can circle the whole island of Manhattan. Beginning riders may want to start with their one hour tour of Jamaica Bay that manages to squeeze plenty of sightseeing into the small time frame but is a less rigorous ride than some of the other longer tours. Their qualified instructors will make guests feel at ease whether they have never been on a jet ski before, or if they are experienced riders who want to add riding through the New York City waterways to their list of accomplishments. After an afternoon of flying through the waters of the Hudson River, guests can relax at the Thai Rock bar and sip on a refreshing cocktail or beer as they reflect on the amazing memories they just made on their thrilling tour around Manhattan. Tourists love Rockaway Jet Ski, and if you're into adrenaline-filled fun, Rockaway's is the way to go!"

Seeing New York City by jet ski is a fun and exhilarating experience that few other means of transportation in the Big Apple can match. In addition to that, the tours offered by Rockaway Jet Ski at Thai Rock manage to fit a ton of sightseeing of the top NYC attractions into the tour time frame and also provides guests with plenty of trivia and photo opportunities, that are sure to make any trip to New York City standout from the usual tourist fare.