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We all dream of flying one day, granted you’re not scared of heights. Turn your dreams into reality in New York City and join Wings Air Helicopters!
Wings Air offers in-sky experiences through various services. Since 2002 they are committed to bringing the beauty of airborne travel to anyone interested.

Whether you need a lift, want to see the sights or want to take the wheel, Wings has an option for you.

Scenic Helicopter Tours
Located half an hour from Manhattan by car, Wings Air is the go-to for scenic tours, offering two tours of Westchester or New York City. Explore historic Westchester for a 15 minute ride above the estates of Rockefeller and Washington Irving. The county is as beautiful as its landmarks such as the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Lyndhurst Mansion. Enjoy the Manhattan Skyline from afar on this tour or go on the up close tour of New York City. Skip all the lines and view the main attractions during a 30 minute ride. Check out Central Park, Yankee Stadium and fly right by the Statute of Liberty for views of the city unlike no other.

Helicopter Charters
Wings Air also serves as an air taxi for the surrounding area. In an area like New York City, you’re surrounded by a lot of busy people who to get to their destinations quickly and conveniently. Wings Air meets all of your air-transportation needs! Speed and comfort are the priorities of their charters.

Romantic Occasions
New York City is one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and many people come here for romantic getaways, proposals and weddings. Enhance your special occasion with a private helicopter ride with Wings Air! Fly to or from a party, wedding or honeymoon, or just enjoy a beautiful and scenic ride with no traffic on your way to the Hamptons one day! If you don’t have a destination in mind, you can still turn a romantic occasion into one of the most unforgettable moments of a lifetime with a scenic helicopter tour and a champagne toast, any day or night! Striving for something even more luxurious? Treat your significant other to a ride in one of the world’s finest luxury jets.

Flight Training
For those of you who are looking for some flight lessons whether it’s just for fun or you are serious about a license Wings Air is a professional helicopter flight school. A variety of training programs are available based on your needs. Check an item off of your bucket list and go up in a Discovery Flight. It may be a one time experience, like a perfect birthday present, or you could like it so much you decide to go all the way for a license! Customers rave about the experience that was both thrilling and educational while being very safety driven.

Other services include aerial filming, offering full equipment for film, television, documentaries, etc. Having receive gold certification for their production missions, Wings Air is top of its class in aerial cinematography.

Join Wings Air Helicopters for an adventure in the sky today! Whether you just want an impressive story to keep in your back pocket for certain conversations or a different view of famous landmarks around New York, they are a top notch choice!

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