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Young Frankenstein on Broadway

Young Frankenstein on Broadway NYC

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  • Based on the original Mel Brooks comedy from 1974
  • Performances ran at the Foxwoods Theater, previously known as the Hilton Theatre
  • This broadway show is currently on tour

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Show Dates:
Nov. 2007 - Jan. 2010

Foxwoods Theater
213 W. 42nd St.
New York, New York 10036
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Young Frankenstein on Broadway

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Young Frankenstein on Broadway offers plenty of classic Mel Brooks laughs

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Features: Young Frankenstein NYC is the broadway musical adaptation of the original 1974 film Young Frankenstein, one of Mel Brooks's most beloved and celebrated comedies. Young Frankenstein NYC made its broadway premiere in November of 2007 and, after over 450 performances, closed its doors in January of 2009.

Why We Go: Young Frankenstein NYC was adaptation of a beloved Mel Brooks film. While it was held to extremely high standards when compared to the Tony Award winning The Producers, Young Frankenstein the show received plenty of nominations for various awards ranging from Tonys to Grammys for its musical scores and lead performers.

  • Classic Comedy: Young Frankenstein NYC is based on the classic 1974 comedy, and the script was faithfully transferred to the broadway stage with the inclusion of some hilarious songs. "Roll in the Hay" is just an example of the one of the many hilarious songs that take from the dialogues and jokes of the original film.
  • Puttin on the Ritz: Speaking of great toe-tapping songs, the Young Frankenstein New York rendition of the classic scene featuring Puttin on the Ritz was one of our favorite scenes in this musical production. This scene was hilarious in the original movie, and it's even more hilarious when given the broadway treatment by the ensemble.
  • Original Jokes: Many of the original jokes that you knew and loved from the original movie returned in Young Frankenstein the show and its broadway run. From the horse whinnys whenever Frau Blucher's name is mentioned to the hilarious scene with Harold the blind hermit, Young Frankenstein New York delighted the audience with its hilarious new takes on the old jokes that we loved.

Inside Knowledge: While the broadway run for Young Frankenstein NYC has concluded, the show is currently on tour throughout the United States. Be sure to check out the Young Frankenstein The Musical website for details and to see if a show is taking place near you.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Give Christopher Ryan a Chance: We all loved Gene Wilder from the original movie, but give Christopher Ryan a chance as Dr. Frankenstein. He is currently performing as the lead character in Young Frankenstein NYC for this show's tour, and he does a fine job in his role. Don't be skeptical - just enjoy the show.
  • Do Play Along: The Young Frankenstein movie is a timeless classic. The audience loved to play along with the actors in this New York broadway show's original run, so we encourage you to do the same while this show is on tour.
  • Don't Miss Out on Free Gags: While Young Frankenstein NYC is on tour, the marketers for this Mel Brooks musical have taken advantage of social media to promote their show with comedy. Igor Wednesday on the show's Twitter and Facebook pages offers an observation every Wednesday from the perspective - and wit - of Igor. Of course, these postings are made on "hump day" - Wednesday.
  • Don't Die Laughing: If you think that Young Frankenstein the musical is as funny as the original, then you would be right. If you check out this show in a location near you, be sure to remember one thing while you are busting a gut laughing - BREATHE! You don't want to be more dead than than the monster was before Dr. Frankenstein reanimated him.

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