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Cirque du Soleil's Zarkana was a huge hit from June-October of 2011 in New York City and will return June 6, 2012 for another magical season at Radio City Music Hall. The  Zarkana Cirque show combines acrobatics, magic and opera in a twisted story with mutant-like characters detract main character Zark from journey.  In true Cirque style, the 12 acts of Zarkana combine original music, imaginative characters, costumes, set designs, and has a fantastic plot, hitting the bulls eye on all senses of audience members. 

Zarkana audience members are swept away into the twisted fantasy world of this chaotic musical and taken on a journey with 75 cast members (including Canadian singers Cassiopee and Garou)who meet Zarka as he attempts to gain powers.  This popular Radio City show will be welcomed back to New York City this June until early September, and is likely to sell out quickly. 

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