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Zenkichi Brooklyn

Zenkichi Restaurant Brooklyn

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  • Zenkichi Brooklyn first opened in 2006.
  • The Zenkichi Brooklyn has over 50 different types of sake.
  • Zenkichi Brooklyn has special booths closed off by a beaded curtain for more intimate dining.

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77 N 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11230
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Hours of Operation:
Tue.-Sat.6pm- 12am; Sun.5:30pm- 11:30pm

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Zenkichi Brooklyn

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Zenkichi Brooklyn Serves One of the Best Asian Tasting Menus in New York

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Features: The Zenkichi Brooklyn is an upscale Japanese small plate restaurant in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. One of the finest Japanese restaurants in New York, the Zenkichi restaurant will inspire you with the true cultural experience that is Tokyo dining.

Why We Dine: One of the best places for Asian cuisine in New York, Zenkichi Williamsburg in Brooklyn serves an amazing prix fixe tasting menu, as well as incredible dishes a la carte. You'll be happy you went to this sophisticated hidden gem in Brooklyn.

  • Quality Cuisine: Zenkichi Williamsburg serves only the highest quality and most authentic Japanese cuisine, from fresh yellow tail, to jellyfish in white sesame dressing, to fresh homemade tofu. Once you've eaten at Zenkichi Brooklyn, you won't want Japanese food from anywhere else.
  • Hidden Treasure: The Zenkichi Brooklyn is hidden. Literally. The Zenkichi restaurant building looks more like a construction site, and with no sign out front it's easy to miss. But this element of exclusivity adds to the mystique, and once you're inside you feel like part of a club for elite diners.
  • Sake Selection: With over 50 different bottles, Zenkichi Brooklyn has one of the most impressive selections of sake in New York. You'll be able to brag to your friends that you had one of the many select sakes at Zenkichi NYC.

Inside Knowledge: Zenkichi NYC doesn't have a sign in front of the restaurant to add to the mystique. The best course of action is to be shown where it is by someone who's been before, or do some research ahead of time. Once you're inside, you're part of an exclusive group.

We Recommend:

  • Anago & Cream Cheese Tempura: Zenkichi Williamsburg has fantastic tempura. Our favorite is the cream cheese wrapped with soft seawater eel, one of the best things on the menu at Zenkichi Brooklyn.
  • Zenkichi Salad: This great salad is composed of delectable bits of homemade tofu over a bed of baby greens and topped with sesame dressing. We guarantee that if you're a fan of tofu, you'll love this dish at the Zenkichi Williamsburg. 

Restaurant Amenities

  • Fresh Food
  • Full Bar
  • Healthy Options
  • Premier Location
  • Private Room
  • Private Parties
  • Prix Fixe Menu
  • Tapas/Small Plates
  • Wheelchair Access